Fearless Heart Series

Discover the benefits of a comprehensive, heart-centered series on mind/body wellness. Grokker Yoga Expert Daniella Cotreau guides you through this series of active, restorative, and meditation classes to help you experience yourself in your highest state of grace and inner balance.

Beginners Breath

1. Fearless Heart: Midline Integrity

Strengthen the core, and wake up to your inner center. Throughout this series, Grokker Yoga Expert Daniella Cotreau will be working with the body on an energetic and cellular level to experience deep self empowerment toward mental, physical, and energetic harmony. Often we get disconnected from our own strength and power. In losing this personal integrity, we become dependent on the affirmation of others. This video is an invitation to come home to your personal power. You will strengthen the side-body, elongate the spine, and connect with your true self in this Grokker Premium video on flowing with a Fearless Heart.

Feet and Foundation

2. Fearless Heart: Mind/Body Affirmations

In this class we will work with positive mind/body affirmations, and get closer to the inner truth that resides within each of us. Often we are unaware of the beliefs that we project on others, and we react to the world as if victimized or threatened. In this video, we will explore the way our beliefs shape the way we interpret the world in an attempt to more authentically interpret the outward reflection of our inner life. Follow Grokker Yoga Expert Daniella Cotreau through this invitation to discover the inner potential that often eludes us.

Enhance Performance

3. Fearless Heart: Fearless Backbends

In this class, we are focused on the unlimited potentiality we can discover when we authentically harness the power of the heart. The heart is a boundless and unlimited source of unconditional love, and when we take the time to bathe within this loving presence we feel more alive and empowered. The peak pose in this hatha flow sequence is Wheel pose, or Urdvha Dhanurasana. Discover your unlimited potential with Grokker Yoga Expert Daniella Cotreau in this heart centered class on back bending. This Grokker Premium video is appropriate for all levels.

Pre Workout

4. Fearless Heart: Restorative Forward Folds and Twists

Allow yourself to steep in the profound peace that is available to you the moment you release resistance to both inner and outer conditions and invite radical acceptance into your life. This restorative class is meant to aid in letting go and embracing every area of life. It can be easy to get caught up in wanting things to be different than they are, but we suffer most when we resist the present moment. Follow Grokker Yoga Expert Daniella Cotreau through this 8-part Fearless Heart Series on cultivating deep inner awareness.

Post Workout

5. Fearless Heart: Restorative Inversions

Our body temples hold the wisdom of our heart interlaced with the essence of the soul. In this 8-part Fearless Heart series, Grokker Yoga Expert Daniella Cotreau will guide you to know yourself and the body intimately. This video will move you into slow, long held inversions saturated with deep meditative breathing and quiet thoughtfulness. As you rest the body upside down, you will reverse blood flow and increase circulation in the upper body and brain. Throughout the series, she will focus on creating a life with clarity and inner wisdom, and provide you with the basic foundation of understanding yourself more deeply. Appropriate for all levels.

Recovery Program

6. Fearless Heart: Restorative Backbends

When we create harmony between love and power we become a positive agent of great change in everything and everyone around us. In this video, Grokker Yoga Expert Daniella Cotreau will show you how to balance the power of love. Through this 8-Part Fearless Heart Series, discover a more confident and radiant inner experience. Appropriate for all levels.

Recovery Program

7. Fearless Heart: "I Am" Meditation

Transform the minds tendency for negative thought. Throughout this series, enrich yourself on the journey toward a Fearless Heart. The mind's tendency to get caught in cyclical patterns is an indication of our powerful mental strength, but when untrained, these mental faculties can lead us into harmful, stress - inducing mind states. In this video, you will use the support of mala beads to interrupt these complex patterns and return the mind to healthy affirmations and a positive outlook. Follow Grokker Yoga Expert Daniella Cotreau through this transformative, self affirming meditation in this Grokker Premium video.

Recovery Program

8. Fearless Heart: Witness Meditation

The unlimited potential of the mind in an open state of presence unleashes us from the clutter of our own mental dialogue, and holds us in an un-restricting center. This is the source of deep, unwavering happiness. In this video, Grokker Yoga Expert Daniella Cotreau will take you into a state of mental and emotional freedom. Become a master of your own mind in this Grokker Premium video designed for all levels of students.