Yoga can make you look sexy and feel sexier!

Yoga is about deep connection, deep appreciation, and deep self worth. At Grokker we believe you are perfect just the way you are, and when you have the confidence and self worth to rock your body as it is, we believe that is the essence of sex appeal. Take some time this summer to nurture your mind and body with breath linked stretching, develop manageable workout habits, and kick off your confidence with self-empowering core work. Here’s our homemade recipe for how to truly convince yourself how unique and beautiful you are, from the inside out.

1. Mind / Body Well-Being

The perfect yoga body is your body, just the way it is. What’s even better is that when you feel sexy, you also look sexy. So take some-time to stretch and breathe, and find some extra freedom of movement with a simple flexibility routine. When the body feels free and graceful, the mind intrinsically gives in to a deeper state of peacefulness, and ease. Create space in the morning or just before bed to guide yourself into embodied movement, and connect with your body intuitively to try and understand exactly what you need to feel deep freedom both mentally and physically.

2. It’s Not What You Do, It’s How You Do It

Make your workout manageable and make it completely about you. Your yoga practice can be short and sweet. In fact, the easier you make it on yourself to find a few minutes of Asana, the better. Your practice does not need to be 90 minutes of heat induced torture! Even 5 minutes will help you create a healthier, happier you. Tone it up, make it short and sweet, but the most important thing is quality & consistency. Set time aside every day, and start to make your well-being routine a mindfulness habit.

3. Honor Yourself

Self empowerment starts with core work. When we feel powerful from the center of our bodies, it shows. Focus your core work on honoring your inner strength, and empowering yourself from the inside out. All yoga strengthens the core, so whatever routine you choose will give you the results you are seeking. Just make sure you’re arriving to your practice with self appreciation, bathe yourself in fearless acceptance, your keep the ancient wisdom of a calm mind close to your heart.

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