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Exploring the Bandhas for Strength & Flexibility

Bandhas, otherwise known as locks within the body, are located along the central spine and control the movement of energy. With Ashtanga yoga expert Kino MacGregor’s guidance, you can cultivate the muscles of the bandhas to heighten your awareness of the spine, increase flexibility within the body, and stabilize increased mobility with critical muscle engagement.

Galavasana Tutorial: Master This Arm Balance Pose

Galavasana is a challenging arm balance from Ashtanga yoga. This arm balance requires deeply open hips and integrated shoulder strength to approach. Kino MacGregor will teach the basic shoulder position and core position needed to hold you in the posture, as well as some creative ways to enter the posture.

Legs Behind the Head: A Beginner's Guide

Placing your legs behind your head is a foundation for many asanas. Once you get this principle fully established, you’ll be able to go deeper into many yoga postures. Using Kino MacGregor’s expert advice, you will be able to break this principle down into its most basic and fundamental aspects.

Headstand Tutorial: Master the Sirasana Pose

Inversions create a powerful way to restore energy in the body, reverse blood flow, and stabilize the core. When you begin your inversion practice, it is important to focus on stability in the shoulders and find a straight vertical line with the core strength of your body. Kino MacGregor will help you to explore a basic sirsasana headstand from a traditional perspective, with bent knees and straight legs, and show you how to get into and out of a tripod headstand.

Kapotasana Tutorial: Build Up to This Backbend

Kapotasana is a powerful backbend that utilizes every muscle of your body. Prepare for radical heart opening while safely integrating the bandhas and inner thigh strength, and discover how to bring your advanced backbending postures to the next level.