Celest Pereira's Yoga for Beginner's Series is exclusively on Grokker

Yoga for Beginners!

Beginner's Warriors and Sun Salutations

In this introductory video isolating the fundamentals of Sun Salutations, Celest Pereira will guide you through a brief, yet informative Vinyasa Flow. Based on the Ashtanga Yoga lineage, postures in this sequence can be traced through the lineage of ancient asana heritage. These poses are still found at the heart of today's energizing & invigorating Vinyasa series. Unlock the secrets of this essential routine in Celest's beginners guide to mastering the basics.

Beginner's Core Flow

In this introductory core flow, Celest Pereira will guide you through a flow sequence to help tone the body and strengthen your core. By combining yoga with more calisthenic based exercises you will burn fat, tone the abs, and give you the perfect yoga body results. Join Celest Pereira in this Grokker Premium video as she takes you through this awesome this core flow that will test both beginners and more advanced users alike.

Beginner's Hips and Shoulders

Discover a sweet routine for opening the hips and releasing the upper back. The hips and shoulders frame the spine, so releasing tension in these tighter joints will give you a renewed sense of freedom through the central channel of the body. Join Grokker Yoga Expert Celest Pereira in this Grokker Premium video for unlocking the pelvis and the shoulder girdle.

Backbends & Balancing Poses for Begginners

This sweet beginners sequence will expose the art of mastering yoga basics. Grokker Yoga Expert Celest Pereira teaches the essence of meditative breath, safe back bending alignment, to gracefully challenging balance from the core of your body. Whether you are new to yoga, or just interested in going back to the basics, you'll find this Grokker Premium video accessible, novel, and spirited.

Beginner's Twists and Forward Folds

Interested in understanding the fundamentals of forward folds? Join Grokker yoga expert Celest Pereira in this beginner's guide. Forward folds are found in every yoga class, and are perfect for opening the hamstrings and releasing the lower back muscles. This short & sweet beginner's class is the perfect warming the body from head to toe.