3 British Recipes for Farmers

Drew Glover • March 17, 2015
Traditionally British food employed seasonal and local produce to get the best out of simple and unfussy dishes. British cuisine has, however, increasingly absorbed the cultural influences of those that have settled in the United Kingdom as well from its imperial past and today reflects this rich and cosmopolitan mix of influences.20 Minute Supper Bangers and Mash
1. 20 Minute Supper Bangers and Mash
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We take you from field to fork with a fast and nutritious bangers and mash. We have teamed up with Ireland's Good Food Ambassador, Jenny Bristow to put together a convenient meal using Mash Direct mashed potato, champ and chilli baby bakes.
2. Smokey Baby Aubergine with Yogurt Dressing
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Elegant and delicious this baby eggplant recipe incorporates garlic, yogurt and thyme to make a light and savory vegetarian dish. Using simple and easy to find ingredients, Chef Josh Posner invites you to explore the world of winter produce in this Grokker Premium video.
3. Merguez Sausage Stew
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Merguez sausage (from North Africa) stew with brussel sprouts, purple kale and white wine make a hearty meal in minutes. Join Chef Josh Posner as he explores one of his warming winter recipe in this Grokker Premium video, part of his Seasonal Nosh series.
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