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Josh PosnerChef - London, UKPersonal MissionTo bring people together through the power of food!Unique SpecialtyModern British cooking that takes inspiration from the seasons and the world but stays true to its roots.Other PassionsI love food more than anything but maybe Arsenal Football Club comes close.
Time spent in the kitchen during school holidays gave Josh the bug of cooking. Unable to shake its appeal Josh moonlighted in kitchens in York whilst completing his University studies. He then took off to explore the international culinary scene, spending time in kitchens in Turkey among a host of other nations. These trips greatly informed his palate and the breadth of ingredients that now form an integral part of his larder. Apprenticing at trendy London restaurants Roganics, under Simon Rogan, and Bubbledogs, under James Knappett, has helped Josh to develop beyond the traditional and embrace new takes on European and British classics. Josh continues to develop his talents through pop-up dinners hosted in coordination with, formerly FULL BIO
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Josh Posner, Level 1
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Josh Posner, Level 1
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Josh Posner, Level 1
Bubbledogs London, UK Commis-chef
Roganics London, UK Commis-chef
Apprentice chef Hilton Hotel York, UK