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Slow Cooked Filet of Trout

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Josh Posner
Josh Posner
This recipe adds a modern take on a British classic by slow-cooking a trout filet in olive oil seasoned with lemon, fennel and sea salt, and pairing it with charcoal potatoes, brown butter mayonnaise, peppery watercress, and pickled cucumber. This Grokker Premium video is part of the Modern British Nosh series by Chef Josh Posner.

Cooking Recipe

4 cups (1 liter) of olive oil
1 fillet trout per person
1 lemon
4 tbsp (50g) of wild fennel stalks
Sea Salt
1 cup (250g) of unpasteurized butter (regular butter can be used if unpasteurized is not available)
1.3 cups (150 = 1 cup) (200g) of boiled new potatoes
1/4 pound (100g) of cucumber
1/4 cup (50g) of caster or superfine sugar
1/2 cup (100ml) of white wine vinegar
2 egg yolks
A few sprigs chickweed (20g) (can be substituted with parsley)

1. Pour the olive oil into a pan on a low heat with half of the lemon, the fennel stalks and season with a pinch of salt.

2. Lay the fish under the surface of the oil, ensuring the fish is covered by the oil, and cook for about 6-7 min six minutes at 120-140°F (50-60°C) or until the flesh flakes.

3. To make the brown butter mayonnaise, melt the butter in a medium pan until it gets a nutty brown color, but be careful not to let it burn. Keep an eye on it.

4. Whilst that is browning and the fish is cooking, take your boiled potatoes and char the skin so that it blackens with a blowtorch, under the grill or on the BBQ.

5. Peel the cucumber, and drizzle with white wine vinegar, and toss in the sugar, a pinch of sea salt and put to one side to quick pickle for five to ten minutes. You want to retain all of that freshness and vibrancy, so don’t leave it for too long.

6. Check your butter and if it has browned then strain it through a fine sieve into a jug to cool. Separate two eggs, and retain the yolks in a large bowl, stabilize the large bowl with a cloth. Slowly trickle the butter into the yolks, whisking as you go to emulsify.

7. Bit by bit, add more butter, as you see it come to a mayonnaise-like consistency. Lighten it up with a squeeze of lemon, and a pinch of sea salt. Now, remove the trout from the oil, drain it and carefully peel back the skin.

8. If the skin won’t come off easily, return it to the oil for another couple of minutes. Plate with the mayo on the bottom of the plate with the trout on top, potatoes and cucumber dotted and draped around and the chickweed.

Slow Cooked Filet of Trout
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Suzie R.
I just wanted to say thank you for your site. I discovered it via Anna Olson, my baking mentor. Finding high quality cooking videos that really teach you about food and techniques is such a challenge and yours are amazing. I can't wait to do some recipe testing and love that it is so easy to email yourself the recipes!
Suzie R.
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