Ryan Isaak
Ryan Isaak
Ryan IsaakCulinary Traveler and Entrepreneur - Bay Area, CAPersonal MissionStaying up to date in this exciting and constantly changing industry, one deliciously rich dish at a time.Unique SpecialtyTraditional, rustic, and seasonal family cuisine. Simplicity and healthy moderation.Other PassionsExploring outdoors, hiking, camping, kayaking, & archery. Learning about new techniques and the history of food. Hosting dinner parties and social gatherings.
From fine to corporate dining, catering to dietary needs, Ryan Isaak has been a part of many diverse culinary environments. Ryan aims to instill a sense of curiosity and discovery to lead others to their own culinary adventures. Quite simply, his goal is to show the amazing power of food, which can narrate history, remind us of cultural developments, create new memories, or just leave us nostalgic. Even with his rich background of travel and culinary achievements, Ryan is still amazed with how food influences our bodies and minds, and how it allows us to learn about others as well as ourselves. Join him on this deliciously infinite road of knowledge rich in tradition and constantly changing with the seasons. READ FULL BIO
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Ryan Isaak
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Best of Best Food and DrinkBest New Restaurant2011
Santa Cruz PatchOne of Top 5 Chefs2011
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California Culinary AcademyAssociates Degree