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Healthy Cauliflower Risotto with Watercress Pesto

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Natasha Corrett, Level 2
Natasha Corrett
This cauliflower risotto is a delicious and unique dish, which is full of healthy broccoli, pumpkin seeds, and is flavored with nutritional yeast, making it totally vegan but absolutely delightful. This recipe is part of Natasha's Honestly Healthy Six-Day Slim Down Cleanse.

Cooking Recipe

Serves: 4

1 cauliflower, broken into florets
1 tbsp bouillon stock powder
2 cups boiling water
1/2 red onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, grated
2 tbsp sunflower oil
¼ tsp ground coriander
¼ tsp za’atar
4 tbsp polenta
1 cup water
1 cup white or green broccoli
1 heaping tbsp nutritional yeast
⅛ pumpkin seeds
⅛ wild salad leaves, to garnish (optional)

For the pesto:
½ cup watercress
2 tbsp olive oil
¼ tsp Himalayan pink salt
½ clove garlic, grated


1. In a food processor blitz the cauliflower florets until it looks like a bit like rice. If you don’t have a processor, just chop the florets as finely as you can.

2. In a jug, add the stock powder to the measured boiling water.

3. In a medium pan, sauté the onion and garlic in 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil, followed the coriander and zatar just for a minute. Next, add the cauliflower ‘rice’ and carry on cooking for a minute until all the spices coat the ‘rice’. Then, pour in all the stock and leave to simmer for 10 minutes.

4. Meanwhile, make the pesto. Put the watercress, olive oil, salt and garlic in a blender and whizz together.

5. Once the 10 minutes is up, add the polenta and water and leave to cook for a further 7 minutes.

6. Meanwhile, sauté the broccoli in the remaining sunflower oil with the remaining grated garlic for 2–3 minutes until soft and then set aside.

7. Once the risotto is finished, quickly stir in the pesto and nutritional yeast until completely mixed.

8. To serve, divide the risotto between four bowls, lay the broccoli over the top and sprinkle each with pumpkin seeds and add a little wild salad on the top, if using, for a beautiful garnish.

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Cauliflower Risotto


Suzie R.
I just wanted to say thank you for your site. I discovered it via Anna Olson, my baking mentor. Finding high quality cooking videos that really teach you about food and techniques is such a challenge and yours are amazing. I can't wait to do some recipe testing and love that it is so easy to email yourself the recipes!
Suzie R.
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