Valentine's Day Cooking - Ask an Expert
tlc tlc, Level 77
September 8

Here's a Valentine's Day collection - enjoy :) Valentine's Day

Sage Russell, Level 9
February 11, 2014

Hey all!
You know it would be my great pleasure to convince all of you to skip the overpriced, overcrowded, reservations-needed-two-months-in-advance hipster restaurant in favour of the ultimate gesture of luuuuuv: That is to say, the perfectly prepared (or valiantly attempted) romantic dinner for two.
No pink champagne, no thunderous heart-shaped box of mediocre chocolates. This Valentine’s Day, cook up an easy, yet impressive romantic dinner at home. Your wine budget will go much further, and you’ll be in charge of the Hi-Fi, so you can put on that epic Al Greene playlist you’ve working on.
Some recipe ideas
Seared duck breast is a luscious and seductive dish that looksamazing on the plate. It shows you mean business (right?!)
Make it your own - Pan Fried Duck
What could say "I want to get with you" any clearer than the perfect pan-seared steak?
Bistro Style Steak
And I have it on good information that Risotto is the "sexiest dish on the planet" (according to my girlfriend)
Risotto with Scampi Sauce
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