November 17

I'd like to gain healthy weight. I have a high metabolism and am slim. 123lbs 5'7

Patrice Hollis, Level 1
Patrice Hollis
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Margaret K, Level 31
Margaret K36 points
November 20

Strength training can be a good way to build body weight. I have attached a Strength Training video above and also Sarah Kusch has a 3 Week Strength Training Program you can follow. If you are new to exercise please consult your doctor for any advice prior to exercising.
A good diet is a nutritional lifestyle that promotes good health and nutritious food. Check out all of our healthy dishes under the Cooking link providing variety of food that give you nutrients you need to maintain your health, make you feel good and gives you energy.

Thumbnail image for Strength Training Workout for Beginners
Sarah Kusch, Level 33

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