Programs that are back-friendly
Melodie Lake, Level 3
July 17, 2018

Hello, I am a fitness enthusiast but I have a very bad back (surgery, injections, degenerative problems - it's not going to be getting better, just managed). I cannot do exercises with squats or anyhting high-impact but I get very bored with yoga and it can exacerbate my pain. Any suggestions for low-impact programs that are back-friendly?

Debbie Coldiron, Level 41
August 15, 2018

HI Melodie Lake. Wow, sounds like a very painful situation. Have you looked into Ellen Barrett's Walking Program: Walk Strong: Low Impact Cardio with Ellen Barrett. That might offer you some options.

We also have a "Free Your Spine" program. It is yoga, so I'm not sure it's what you are looking for: Free Your Spine.

What types of exercises can you do that you enjoy? Perhaps I can point you toward some specific videos or experts that you may enjoy.

Melodie Lake, Level 3
August 24, 2018

Thanks Debbie! I'll check those out. I enjoy boxing and martial arts but those can make my pain worse, unfortunately. I really enjoy high energy impact exercises but those are the worst for my back. Unfortunately low impact exercise just doesn't get me excited ;) I used to be a distance runner and cyclist so I really miss the "runner's high" and I just don't get anything like it from back-friendly exercise.
I have tried Pilates and liked it better than Yoga - are there any Pilates programs on Grokker?

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