January 11, 2018

I’ve done Sarah Kusch 10 minute core workout the past 2 days...is there a series of these workouts you should do to get results...like the 28 day one but not a high intensity.

Mary Pearce
Mary Pearce
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Debbie Coldiron
Debbie Coldiron69 points
January 11, 2018

Hi Mary Pearce. Have you checked out the 21-Day Pilates Sculpt (https://grokker.com/fitness/pilates/program/21-day-pilates-sculpt-with-amy-jordan/58655e8b7669b053b3911191)? Or maybe Sam Skelton's 4 week core program (https://grokker.com/fitness/abs-and-core/program/4-week-core-program-with-sam-skelton/57571803cc5f6ce437c5bb75)? Those are both designed for beginner/intermediate levels.

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