February 17

I would like to do another program or series for strength training that lasts 30 or more days. Is there one that I haven't done - level - intermediate:)

Jody Figuerido, Level 45
Jody Figuerido
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Margaret K, Level 22
Margaret K33 points
February 20

We do not have any 30 day programs but you could follow this program for 7 days and then repeat it weekly - https://grokker.com/fitness/toning-and-sculpting/program/7-day-sculpt/5b5f92a082bb2874638aa0b9
We also have this 8 week program from Pace & Go that you could also consider - https://grokker.com/fitness/program/train-and-transform-with-pace-and-go/582c5c810f39edaf4fd54191. Please search under Fitness/Strength Training for more options where we have 206 Videos and 37 Programs to follow.

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