Get Your Outdoor Workouts On!

Now that we’re fully thawed from winter, it’s time to take your workouts outdoors. Not only are outdoor workouts a great way to enjoy nature, they actually have some unexpected health benefits! Outdoor workouts reduce stress, increase overall exercise time, and improve your self-esteem. Not bad, right?

To get you started on your new outdoor workout regimen, here are a few of our favorite workouts. Some require your phone so you can keep up with our experts, and others can be done without the aid of any technology. Oh and, be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen. Outdoor workouts are a nice way to mix things up, but the last thing you want is to increase your risk of skin cancer.

x5 Cardio Intensity - Week 1

This 20-minute workout will boost your cardio fitness. You’ll alternate between 1-minute each of fast running and brisk running. All you need is a timer!

Outdoor HIIT Routine

In this 5-minute workout, Fitness Expert Jon Stratford guides you through a HIIT workout that will improve your cardiovascular fitness and strength. Don’t let the 5-minute time fool you - you’ll get one heck of a workout!

Tabata HIIT Exercise Challenge

Looking for a tough workout? Then you’ve find it in this workout from Fitness Expert Kelly Lee. She’ll guide you through 8 exercises. You’ll perform each one for 20 seconds at a high intensity, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated eight times. Think you can handle that?

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