July 10, 2023

I am trying to find a breakdown of a good morning and night routine I can stick to daily in order to start and end my days off right and take overall better care of myself :).

Kirstin Holmgren, Level 38
Kirstin Holmgren
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July 11, 2023

Just we need to adjust timings of our sleep and do 2-3 minutes of deep breathing in night before we sleep and try to wake up a little early from our daily routine.
We need to try it daily (as I am trying daily) in first so that our body clock should manage our timings. And after sometime it will go smoothly. I know it is really hard if we have little kids around us. But it is OK to skip our daily routine if we are not able too. However, important is that we are trying again to follow that routine :-)

Liz Jones, Level 15
Liz Jones1 point
October 16

Firstly, focus on one or the other first - you will find it much easier to stick to. Then it is about finding what works for you. So, for the evening routine, say 30-60 minutes before bed you start your routine - getting changed for bed, brushing your hair, cleaning your teeth - winding down your day. This should be after you have set up for the following day. Then jump into bed and start to relax. I highly recommend meditation but you could read a book or even journal. Avoid devices in that bedtime routine time is always best. Then, to settle down, my personal favourite is mentally saying all the things I am grateful for, and using some slow breaths to help you drift off to sleep. There is a 30-day program that gives you a 3 minute meditation to do before bed to help build that routine. Liz 😊

Vasanth Jeyaraj, Level 1
Vasanth Jeyaraj0 points
October 16

Observe everything in your consciousness while you wake up and before you go to sleep. This is by far the most important of all. Dont get taken away by the words in the videos like relaxing, soothing, peace etc. None matters when the mind is over burdened. Observe yourself as it is the most important thing in life.

Vasanth Jeyaraj, Level 1
Vasanth Jeyaraj0 points
October 12

To Observe life as whole during all time is the best routine.

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