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Andrew JohnsonTherapist - Coach - Trainer - LondonPersonal MissionI teach people simple techniques giving them control over how they feel physically, emotionally & energetically.Unique SpecialtyI take the mystery out of meditation, mindfulness and other techniques, making them available to everyone regardless of previous experience or belief systems.Other PassionsSelf Development, Meditation, Intention, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, Energy Psychology, MinimalismWebsite
Andrew has been working with individuals & groups teaching relaxation & coping skills for the past 20 years. In 1995 Andrew trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy with the LCCH in Glasgow. This training changed led Andrew to expand his practice and expertise to learn EFT, Reiki, Stress Management Skills, and Mindfulness Meditation. READ FULL BIO
6 Programs178 Videos3 Collections
RELAX Mindfulness Meditation
All Levels
21 videos (Avg 16 min)
Meditation Basics with Andrew Johnson
11 videos (Avg 9 min)
Daily Calm with Andrew Johnson
10 videos (Avg 9 min)
The Next Normal
All Levels
5 videos (Avg 8 min)
91 videos (Avg 4 min)
Nightly Wind-Down
All Levels
30 videos (Avg 12 min)
Clinical Hypnosis Diploma 1995
Reiki Master/Teacher 2002
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