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Christina RobohmYoga Instructor - Salt Lake City, UtahPersonal MissionIt is my personal mission to create accessible pathways to wellness by sharing how to practice yoga in busy moments throughout your day.Unique SpecialtyMy unique specialty is translating the Eight Limbs of Yoga to fit workplace needs like conflict resolution and back pain.Other PassionsI'm a huge proponent of food as medicine, ask me anything! I make custom meditation mala beads, visit my website to learn more. Website
As a corporate run-away turned yoga instructor, Christina has created a yoga method that cross-trains the cubicle-bound workforce to soothe stress and boost creativity! Christina is certified in both Restorative Yoga and Yoga for Athletes and has a passion for winter sports on her spare time. READ FULL BIO
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Workplace Wellness
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Restorative Yoga, 320 Hours, Aura Wellness Center Yoga for Athletes, 44 Hours EXOS/Athletes Performance Chi Universe, Kids Yoga Specialist