8 Drinks Recipes with Cinnamon

Drew Glover • March 17, 2015
No meal is complete without a refreshing fulfilling drink to wash it down. This place is for drink recipes for you to try and even customize.Post-Workout High Carb Smoothie
1. Post-Workout High Carb Smoothie
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World Freerunning Champion Tim Shieff shares his own after-training shake recipe: "Datorade". Packed with bananas, dates, flavor & nutrients it's healthy AND 100% raw vegan.
2. Irish Chai Whiskey Cocktail
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A unique spin on a classic Irish coffee! Instead of using coffee, this cocktail is made with chai tea latte, which highlights the honey and barrel-aged notes of the Irish whisky. Accompanied with hot milk and cinnamon, this tasty adult beverage is great for winter holidays. Proprietor of Elixir Saloon in San Francisco, H. Joseph Ehrmann shares his one of a kind Irish chai in this Grokker Premium video that won't disappoint on a chilly winter evening.
3. Hi-Protein Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie
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This week on The Edgy Veg, Candice makes a delicious high protein strawberry shortcake smoothie!
4. The Tipsy Turkey Thanksgiving Cocktail
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Thanksgiving is around the corner and I couldn't be more excited! While others clamor to prepare turkey (tofurky!) and all the fixings for their annual feast, I like to prepare something a little more...festive. Steamed pumpkin? Check! Cinnamon & spice? Check! Maple syrup? Check! Watch the video to see this amazing recipe (it's got Turkey in the title for godsakes!) and learn how to add a different twist to your cocktail festivities this year.
5. Homemade Apple Cider
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Hey baby, it's cold outside. Warm yourself up with this delicious homemade apple cider recipe.
6. How To Make Mexican Hot Chocolate The Delicious Way
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This video show you how to make Mexican hot chocolate that is rich, creamy, and delicious. Perfect for those cold winter days when you need to warm up. This Mexican hot chocolate recipe is super easy and the trick is to use quality ingredients.
7. Refreshing Coconut Chai Iced Tea
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This summer instead of the same old "ice tea" switch things up with a "Chai Iced Tea". Delicious, exotic and easy to do!
8. How To Make Three Hot Chocolate Drinks
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Learn how to make three styles of rich hot chocolate, including lavender and atzec flavors. This drink is perfect for cold and rainy days.
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