Ghalid Assyb
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Ghalid Assyb, Level 1
Ghalid AssybPastry Chef - London, UKPersonal MissionTo make baking beautiful things 'a piece of cake' and share my passion and knowledge with others. Unique SpecialtyDeveloping treats that go beyond the usual combination of flavors.
Ghalid is first and foremost a pastry expert. His passion for cooking began in his mother’s kitchen in his hometown of Marrakech, Morocco, where wonderful produce and exotic spices are abundant. With a gently push from his mother he moved to France to become a chef, specialising in patisserie. After graduation he moved to London and worked in notable London establishements - the first Ottolenghi restaurant, helping to create and curate their original recipe list, and became Head Pastry Chef at Baker 'n Spice where he excelled at developing new, exciting recipes. Ghalid now enjoys teaching at some of the most prominent UK cookery schools and is renowned within his field for the integrity that he has maintained and the artistry of his creation. He is considered by his peers to be a master in the creation of exquisite and innovative cuisine.READ FULL BIO
Ottolenghi Recipe Developer - London, UK
Baker 'n Spice Head Pastry Chef and Recipe Developer - London, UK