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Robyn LenziIndependent Pastry Consultant and Cookbook Author - San Francisco, CAPersonal MissionShow others how unforgettable dessert can be using ingredients from the Bay Area, & always pushing myself to do things better while doing what I love everyday.Unique SpecialtyPastry and Baking flavor composition. All aspects of desserts and working with liquid nitrogen ice cream!Other PassionsBeing active with running, yoga and hiking. Traveling and exposing myself to new experiences and cultures. And most importantly, my growing family!
Robyn Lenzi is a professional Pastry Chef who departed from her previous career in business consulting in 2005 to study and earn her Pastry & Baking Certificate at Tante Marie Cooking School in San Francisco. She has experience in the restaurant, bakery and catering worlds, including time under Pastry Chef Emily Luchetti at Waterbar Restaurant. She has been involved in many independent recipe development projects for restaurants and other food businesses, and several cookbooks. She is also author of her own cookbook coming out in late 2013. Robyn currently works as a Pastry Consultant, namely as the consulting chef for Smitten Ice Cream. READ FULL BIO
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