Juicing and smoothies - Nutritious energy in a glass!
tlc tlc, Level 77
September 8
Yumee Jang, Level 15
October 10, 2013

Thank you Leah Putnam your Spinocolada was yummy! Just to help everyone else out here are some links to her amazing smoothies.

Spinocolada - Spinocolada Smoothie
Good Morning Liquid Sunshine - Good Morning Green Juice
Wholy Green Juice - Wholy Green Juice

Happy Juicing!

Leah Putnam, Level 10
October 10, 2013

Getting your greens in a glass has hit the mainstream in the latest of healthy trends. Juice bars are springing up in metro areas as well as the suburbs increasing the exposure and availability of juicing to the masses. Kale smoothie are becoming a household name and juice mixology is on the rise. Check out my latest juicing and smoothie videos for a fun and flavorful way to bumpĀ up your intake of green liquid sunshine.

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