Recipes with Banana and Coconut-milk, Cream or Shred

Drew Glover • June 2, 2015
Paleo Tropical Ice Cream
1. Delicious Paleo Ice Cream
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In this video, you'll see how to make dairy-free "ice cream" that uses coconut milk instead of cream or milk. Frozen bananas and pineapple are blended with coconut milk and lime juice. It's so easy! It's a frozen treat that's paleo-friendly, vegetarian/vegan, and has absolutely no processed sugar! Top it off with toasted nuts and coconut shreds.
2. How To Make Paleo Pancakes
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Zac makes a delicious Paleo pancake with just four ingredients. This is one of the simplest recipes ANYONE can make and you really need to try it.
3. How To Make Paleo Ice Cream
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If you're looking to make delicious, dairy-free ice cream, this is the recipe for you. With just a few simple ingredients and a blender, you're going to have a Paleo-certified concoction that is absolutely delicious. Prepare to be impressed.
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