Goal to speed up metabolism and tone up - which program or videos are best?

Hi eveyone, I am getting married on 3rd August. I am quite fit and am intermediate/advanced level. What would be the best program to follow to lose some weight but really tone up too?

March 22

This has HIIT written all over it. I would recommend Sarah Kusch HIIT Afterburn and Kelly Lee Back To Basics Strength Training. All you need is a mat and a dumbell (water bottles work too).

Muscles are hungry for calories after resistance training and with a proper diet, they head straight for fat stores when you are in a calorie deficit. What's a good metabolism sound like? (Burp).... No wonder why they call them BURPEES!

HIIT Afterburn

Back to Basics: Strength Training with Kelly Lee

Mix in some yoga for recovery

Yoga for Digestion & Metabolism

March 22

Plus, the topic Toning & Sculpting has plenty of these fat burning videos bundled for you to queue up!

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