June 18

I have been doing Sarah Kursk jump start program. I plan to do the program for two more weeks. What should be my next step.

Alison Bowens
Alison Bowens
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Debbie Coldiron
Debbie Coldiron96 points
June 18

Hi Alison Bowens. I hope you are enjoying Sarah's program. It's a great place to start! After completing this program, you may want to consider any of these programs:
https://grokker.com/fitness/program/21-day-athlete/5a325cfd84c26e363dc0f5d8 . Most of these workouts are beg/inter level and are under 20 min.
https://grokker.com/fitness/cardio/program/walk-strong-low-impact-cardio-with-ellen-barrett/5887e4e30eeec67481fa03fa . These workouts are low impact
https://grokker.com/fitness/interval-training-hiit/program/hiit-afterburn/58dd7fb42629dd1eb2e772c0 . These workouts are a bit more challenging but if you enjoy Sarah, you may enjoy them

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