June 18

What is the best fitness challenge for beginners who have a short attention span?

Tamara Fellows
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Sami Oliva14 points
June 18

Hello! The daily workout is a great place to start for a quick and fun excercise routine. Also, the program "14-Day Yoga Challenge with Steffy White" is a great yoga program where the videos are a little shorter than a normal yoga practice, if that is something you are interested in. Another really great program for beginners that I really recommend is "21-Day Athlete" that has 15-minute workouts that are optimized to get you maximum results in minimal time. I have attached videos to both of those programs so that you can check them out. Another program that is a little more challenging is the program, "7-Minute HIIT With Pace & Go" has super short videos that are very high intensity. I included a link to the first video of their program if you think you would like something like that.

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