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Stacy ConlonPersonal MissionTo inspire you to tap into your essence and reignite your light.Unique SpecialtyQuick, simple and powerful guided meditations designed to be practiced during your workday.Other PassionsYoga, hiking and cooking.Website
Years ago, I hit rock bottom. The culprit? Workplace stress. Meditation saved my life. Over time, I unlocked the secrets to alleviate stress, eliminate burnout and achieve sustainable success. These are the same proven tools and strategies I teach today. I am here to change the way we work. With over 15 years of mindfulness and meditation practice, and over 20 years of experience in the sales and marketing industries, I provide specially formulated guided meditation experiences and mindfulness-based education for individuals and organizations worldwide. My approach is unique because it includes education and practical application, as well as a supportive environment to help make mindfulness a habit. Through intensive training and helping over 30,000 professionals find relief from stress and anxiety, I have now developed the blueprint to free your life. I believe that the key to living an empowered life is to fill our own cup first. When we learn to become present, harness and calm our mind, the path to peace falls into place. We all deserve to shine. Because when we show up as our most radiant selves, we inspire the world to be a brighter place.READ FULL BIO
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Resilience Meditations for Stressful Times
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Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Facilitator Certified Wellness Coach