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Stacy ConlonPersonal MissionTo help people feel more peace and joy.Unique SpecialtyShort and simple guided meditations that can be practiced during the workday.Other PassionsYoga, hiking and singing.Website
Stacy Conlon, also known as The Zen Girl, is a certified wellness coach, mindfulness and meditation facilitator. She formerly suffered from anxiety and depression, and since overcoming it through her 20 years of practicing yoga and meditation, she has developed a passion for helping people reduce stress and increase inner peace through mindfulness practices. Stacy facilitates customized guided meditations and mindfulness sessions for organizations worldwide with a clear and educational, yet compassionate and gentle approach. She’s also been a keynote speaker at large conferences, including leading 1,500+ people in a guided meditation. Before devoting her work full time to mindfulness and meditation, Stacy served as the Director of Business Development for The Lean Startup Company, founded by Eric Ries, the bestselling author of the book The Lean Startup. Her clients included Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies. READ FULL BIO
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5-Minute Meditations
7 days
Resilience Meditations for Stressful Times
7 days
Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Facilitator Certified Wellness Coach