January 5

I am having trouble sleeping and with anxiety in general. Now is the time to learn new habits and lifestyles. Do you recommend any programs to help with discipline, balance & focus.

corinna dodson
corinna dodson
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Leslie Perryman
Leslie Perryman32 points
January 5

Hey Corinna, you're in the right place! If you want to specifically focus on sleep and anxiety, I recommend these programs: https://grokker.com/yoga/vinyasa/program/yoga-for-anxiety-with-amy-rogg/57bcdbc05a65374b0c78e48a and https://grokker.com/mind/better-sleep/program/7-steps-to-better-sleep/598c87ee4f7179673a13d7c8. If you want to focus on relieving stress and building healthy mindfulness habits I recommend Dr.Catherine's stress program: https://grokker.com/mind/program/let-it-go-21-day-stress-relief/59b7cd3a32c1cb7dcf0ffc6d
Let us know how it goes and if we can help any further!

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