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Sherry Zak MorrisPersonal MissionSherry is passionate about Actively Aging and encourages baby boomers and seniors that they are never too old to benefit from the practice of Yoga! Unique SpecialtyOwner of the Yoga Vista Studio in Vista, CA. 3-year private Yoga tutelage with octogenarian Yoga teacher, Mary Cavanaugh (Creator of Chair Yoga).Other PassionsSherry loves the rich life of community - planning reunions, nurturing lifelong friendships and always up for family gatherings and celebrations of any kind.Website
Sherry Zak Morris is the owner of the Yoga Vista Studio in Vista, California and studied under a 3-year private tutelage with octogenarian Yoga teacher, Mary Cavanaugh (Creator of Chair Yoga), who studied with octogenarian Indra Devi. As a corporate marketing road warrior for 25 years, Sherry experienced first-hand the ravages of stress and found relief through Gentle and Chair Yoga. In 2004, she founded Yoga Journey Productions, a company that specializes in Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga videos and DVDs. In 2005, she bought her local neighborhood Yoga studio that continues to serve thousands of baby boomers and seniors in the San Diego area with creative and specialty Gentle Yoga offerings. Sherry is a nationally-known yoga/wellness expert and leader in the 50+ wellness market. Featured in the Costco Connection for wellness innovation and a recognized online global yoga blogger, Sherry is a versatile business leader passionate about Actively Aging. As a seasoned wellness entrepreneur, she is the CEO and Founder of YogaJP, an internationally-recognized brand of Yoga and Wellness DVDs and online videos for the 50+ market. As Co-Director of the Yoga Vista Academy, Sherry has a proven track record for empowering and igniting passion for 50+ yoga and wellness and has presented for 3 consecutive years at the annual Yoga Alliance Conference, the professional and trade association of the yoga world. Sherry has served on two Yoga Alliance Committees representing Yoga Studios (ORNS - one room yoga studios) in Washington DC as well being a current member of the Yoga Alliance Education Committee.READ FULL BIO
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E-RYT200 Founder and CEO of YogaJP Creator of the Yoga Vista Academy Chair and Gentle Yoga Teacher Training and Certification Programs 3-Time Presenter on Yoga for Seniors at the Yoga Alliance Conferences Member of the Yoga Alliance Education Committee


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