Sofiah Thom
Sofiah Thom, Level 3
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Sofiah ThomYoga Instructor - Dominical, Costa RicaPersonal MissionTo Inspire people to move in dynamic ways to encounter deeper states of embodiment and expression.Unique SpecialtyCreator of a unique modality, Danyasa™ Yoga in MotionOther PassionsOffering Temple Fusion Dance performances, clothing and jewelry design, singing, walking and dancing on the beach with my dog bodhi, traveling the world.Website
Sofiah Thom is the founder of Danyasa™ who believes that every person possesses an inner artist -- a unique, individual creative spark that just needs to be allowed or inspired to show itself. Sofiah's mission lies in nurturing this creative spark in others with the aim to inspire them to live to their fullest creative potential. In Sofiah's presence one feels grace, strength and sensuality as she invites you to get out of your head and into your body. Danyasa™ weaves the masculine roots of yoga with the feminine grace of ecstatic expressiveness in blissful union. Danyasa™ encourages practitioners to listen to their inner teachers and the wisdom of their bodies as the impetus for movement. We move past the confines of the mat and into the space around us, exploring our artful nature through a flowing fusion of yoga asanas and expressive movement. READ FULL BIO
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