Feeling abdominal work in my back
Sweet Demise, Level 73
December 13, 2017

Thank you for the comment Alisa Drury. I noticed you mentioned that you have some chronic back issues. If your back is overly sensitive at this point, may I suggest the following videos-

Celste Pereira's 3 Steps to Yoga Collection:
3 Steps to Yoga with Celest Pereira

Celeste Pereira's Complete Guide Yoga Basics Collection:
Yoga Basics: The Beginner's Guide with Celest

Yes, I know it seems like it's just "Beginner's Yoga". But sometimes slow paced and alignment based videos will give your body the opportunity to strenghen slowly and surely!!!


If these videos are too basic and slow for you, and if you feel like your body can easly handle more, then I would recommend-

Andrew Sealy's Metabolisim Boosting Yoga Collection:
Metabolism-Boosting Yoga with Andrew Sealy

In my opinion, this is a good next step up.


And if you want to move into something more intense than that, then dive into the series I mentioed above for Courtney Daniels. All of the series offered here on Grokker are great! It's a matter of finding the right one that works best for your body at any given moment in time. I've been on the yoga roller coaster ride myself, so can understand the strengths and limitations individuals face.

There are videos that are even more advanced than all of the above. Feel free to connect if you have any questions, and I'll be happy to share based on my experiences.

Alisa Drury, Level 17
December 7, 2017

Courtney Daniels Thank you so much for posting this because I too have this issue. I have chronic back issues so alot of bending and engaging my abdominals makes my back sore. Sweet Demise Thank you so much for this response. That makes so much sense. I am going right over to look for the series you mentioned.

Marcus Moncayo, Level 7
December 31, 2016

Courtney Daniels, I have experienced similar issues and I will agree with Sweet Demise that building back strenght is crucial for this. Just like when we work biceps, we also work triceps, the complementary muscle. It definitely helped me!!!

Sweet Demise, Level 73
November 7, 2016

Hello Courtney Daniels!

(Please note, that I am not a medical expert.  I am merely commenting based on personal experience, and knowledge gained.)

I believe that one should first build some degree of "overall" body strength.  Only then should we attempt to target specific muscle groups with an intense workout. Because when we target a certain area to work on (eg. abdominal core), we still have to engage other muscles - like in our back, neck etc.  And if we do not have a strong enough back/spine to support the intensity of this core workout, then it can cause strain. 

I would suggest working towards strengthening the back a bit more.  But I wouldn't limit it to just the lower back.  Grokker has some excellent videos.  Please check out their "Free Your Spine" series by Tammy Jones Mittell.  Julie Montague also has a great video - Shoulder and Back Clinic

I am sure you will find many more like these via their search option.  I hope they will work for you :-)

Courtney Daniels, Level 5
November 4, 2016

I just did the deep core yoga workout and I have a hard time with feeling the strain of some of the moves in my lower back. Any tips?

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