Postnatal Yoga
Kim McCorkell, Level 47
November 20, 2016

Any recommended videos for postnatal yoga? Currently I'm 4 weeks postpartum and looking for some good videos to ease my way into rebuilding the pelvic floor. Thanks in advance!

Britteny Salvador, Level 41
November 23, 2016

Hi Kim,

Great question! I'd be happy to help. While we don't have any videos specifically catered to wome postpartum, we have a great selection of prenatal classes, which focus on strengthening the pelvic floor. I hopw this helps!

1. Nurturing Life: Active Prenatal Yoga
2. Danyasa: The Roots
3. Nurturing Life: Prenatal Yoga for Beginners

We also have a great prenatal fitness series launching at the end of the year. Stay tuned for that!


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