March 30, 2019

How to activate the bunga

Nancy Becker, Level 13
Nancy Becker
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Responses (2)
Debbie Coldiron, Level 48
Debbie Coldiron126 points
April 2, 2019

Hi Nancy Becker. Thanks for the clarification. You may want to try one of these videos that I've attached. And if you're looking for any more, you may want to look through Jaime McFaden's videos or some of Sarah Kusch's core workouts. Does this help?

Thumbnail image for Pelvic Floor and Core Care
Jaime McFaden, Level 19
Thumbnail image for Root To Rise
Siri Peterson Cavanna, Level 11
Thumbnail image for Nurturing Life: Prenatal Yoga for Beginners
Samantha Matthews, Level 5
Thanked by Nancy
Debbie Coldiron, Level 48
Debbie Coldiron126 points
April 1, 2019

Hi Nancy Becker. I'm not sure what you are looking for. But if you can be more specific, I would be happy to see if I can assist you.

Thanked by Nancy

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