August 22, 2017

Having problems holding stretches in yin yoga New to program suggestions?

Linda Saha
Linda Saha
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Satu A
Satu A2 points
August 29

Linda: that is actually a part of Yin: it can be challenging to stay in certain positions for the exended time. what i have found out to be helpful is accepting the feeling, and trying to breat into it.. Yin can (and many times will!) make you feel blocked feelings and release them, sometimes you can even star to cry, yet the release is a bliss later on :) try amy rogg, matece, and celestes nigt time yoga. i hope those wil help ypu get into the accepting of "yin discomfort", namaste :)

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Amy Rogg
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Celest Pereira
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Matece Skow
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