August 12, 2017

I have carpel tunnel syndrome on my right wrist and I've been avoiding yoga but I'm really missing it. Can anybody suggest a class I can take that avoids too much strain on your wrist?

maggie blundell
maggie blundell
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Kirsi Sjöman
Kirsi Sjöman2 points
August 27

Hello maggie blundell ! Check up my collection of "No Down Dog" sequences. I hope you find something that suits you.

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Britteny Salvador
Britteny Salvador112 points
August 17, 2017

Hi maggie blundell! My name is Britteny and I'm the Community/Marketing Manager here at Grokker. I am also RYT 200 hr certified AND I've injured my wrist in the past (carpal tunnel) so I had to teach myself to modify my Vinyasa practice.

Wrists are tricky to modify for in Vinyasa practice since they are the foundation of many poses, however you can try other forms of yoga like Yin, Hatha and Restorative. If you want to try Vinyasa, here's how you can modify:

1) modify all planks to forearm plank
2) skip the Chaturanga OR modify by using closed fists (knuckles parallel to the L/R sides of your mat)
3) skip downward facing dog or use tent fingers. Alternatively you can use Dolphin pose as well

I hope this helps! If you'd like further help Siri Peterson Cavanna and Celest Pereira might have great reccommendations for you. I also included some videos that really helped me when I was healing.


Thumbnail image for Wrist Therapeutics
Siri Peterson Cavanna
Thumbnail image for Quick Afternoon Chair Flow
Celest Pereira
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