May 19

Pinched nerve in left hip. On pain meds. Not sure how to resume yoga. The actual trigger was during a session on weights I had done before w/o problem. Thinking of Tai chi as an alternative.

Tom Rowan, Level 49
Tom Rowan
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Tom Rowan, Level 49
Tom Rowan1 point
October 19

Problem has been resolved, I modified my weight training by eliminating the position that caused the problem.

tlc tlc, Level 64
tlc tlc59 points
October 18

tlc tlc, Level 64
tlc tlc59 points
tlc tlc, Level 64
tlc tlc59 points
May 20

Best wishes! I think a medical doctor or professional physical therapist might provide personalized recommendations, but maybe you might find something you enjoy in these 6 collections:
Qigong and Taoflow:
Mobility, Recovery, Physical Therapy:
Gentle Yoga:
Yoga/Stretching with Karen Dubs of Flexible Warrior
Flow Yoga: Beginner-Intermediate
Yoga with Adriene Mishler:
Sometimes, the very best idea is to lay off completely for some weeks and let the body heal without putting pressure on it. I love watching Grokker's cooking videos to zone out, but very many people enjoy Grokker's meditation videos or other videos in the "mind" category. Here is a collection of videos that might put you on an unexpected journey while you might ease off your hip:
Breathing, Meditation, Pep Talks: Good luck! :)

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