10 Drinks Recipes with Sugar

Drew Glover • March 17, 2015
No meal is complete without a refreshing fulfilling drink to wash it down. This place is for drink recipes for you to try and even customize.How To Make Bellini Drink
1. How To Make Bellini Drink
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This simple and easy classic drink is amazing with peaches and prosecco.
2. Indian Mango Flavored Yogurt Drink
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Summer=Mango, Simple as that! Lassi is a refreshing yogurt beverage that has a cooling effect and is great for the summer months. Though many different types of lassis are available, none are as famous as the renowned Mango Lassi. Enjoy the perfect combination of Mango and Yogurt with this mango lassi recipe and enjoy the summer.
3. How to Make Instant Coffee Indian Style
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Instant coffee doesn’t have to be a teaspoon of instant coffee powder mixed with milk or water. Try this interesting method to make a superior cup of instant coffee.
4. Thai Iced Tea
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Sweet, creamy deliciousness - pair this tea with a spicy dish and you're in for a treat.
5. Homemade Eggnog
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Break out your Christmas sweaters, it's Eggnog time! Whether you love it or hate it, Eggnog is a full on holiday tradition, and nothing tastes better than homemade.
6. Fresh Sangria
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There's not much more refreshing than a glass of sangria with fresh fruit on a hot summer day! Today we're showing you how to make a classic red sangria.
7. Happy Hour: Sunset Sangria Drink
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This sweet blended drink will keep guests cool at your next cocktail party.
8. Traditional Red Sangria
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Pottery Barn wine expert and author of "Oldman's Brave New World of Wine", Mark Oldman, shows how to make sangria in this video.
9. Bubble Tea (Boba)
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Bubble Tea (aka Boba), needs no introduction. You've had it many times - though the thought of making it at home seems daunting. It's not. And it tastes delicious.
10. Chinese Almond Tea
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Celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year in style, with this traditional Beijing sweet drink.
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