April 20

how about a recipe for canned tuna? I don't use mayo and olive oil & lemon is getting dull.

Jim Locascio, Level 36
Jim Locascio
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Katie Smith, Level 25
Katie Smith2 points
April 28

My favorite is Chris Mohr. He shares tuna recipes in several of his programs. I tagged the two im pretty sure he discusses tuna recipes.
His tips are great, we've implemented a few of his strategies.
Good luck, hope you enjoy!

Thumbnail image for Eating – Healthy Snacking-in-Place
Chris Mohr, Level 9
Thumbnail image for Healthy Meals Under 12
Chris Mohr, Level 9
tlc tlc, Level 44
tlc tlc36 points
June 15

I learned today that yogurt may be substituted for mayonnaise in tuna salad!

Thumbnail image for Yogurt: Tips & Tricks
Yogurt: Tips & Tricks
20 I Did This
tlc tlc, Level 44
tlc tlc36 points
April 20

Hi - I think this might be the only video on Grokker that uses canned tuna. I personally like to add 2 tablespoons of hummus and one tablespoon of dill relish to my five-ounce can of tuna for the world's fastest, easiest tuna recipe (maybe adding a bit of chopped bell peppers).... but here is a fancier, less primitive version of my hummus/dill combo:

Thumbnail image for Healthy Meal Prep | Week 4
Healthy Meal Prep | Week 4
The Domestic Geek
98 I Did This
tlc tlc, Level 44
tlc tlc36 points
October 16

There's a yummy tuna lettuce cup recipe in the first Sue Mah video - no mayo!

Thumbnail image for Lunch Reset: Low-Carb
Sue Mah, Level 7
Thumbnail image for Tuna Steaks with Orange, Spinach and Pinenut Salad
tlc tlc, Level 44
tlc tlc36 points
September 25

Maybe you might enjoy the "salmon pita sandwich" video by Sue Mah that is part of the "Mediterranean Eating" program that made its debut this week. :)

Thumbnail image for Salmon Pita Sandwich
Sue Mah, Level 7
Thumbnail image for Seared Tuna Panzanella Salad
Mark Rigby, Level 3
Thumbnail image for Cooking with Canned Food – Salmon Cakes
Chris Mohr, Level 9

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