August 1, 2017

Iwould be interested in a video for help with hip bursitis and lateral thigh tendinopathy. I am seeing a physiotherapist but like to exercise daily as well

Christine Topping
Christine Topping
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Loren Enochson
Loren Enochson41 points
August 7, 2017

Hi Christine, I am happy to help!
I have recommended a few of our videos that focus on the hips. I have also included the link to our advanced search of videos focused on hips.

Advanced search Hip focused videos:

I hope this helps! Try out some videos and let us know how you liked them and if they helped you in the comments below the video or in your IDT!

If you need further assistance of any kind please reach out to us via email at


Thumbnail image for Tight Hip Pain Relief
Tanya Fitzpatrick
Thumbnail image for Yin Yoga for Your Hips I
Steffy White
Thumbnail image for Hips and Thighs Flow
Julie Montagu
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