June 8

Which yoga videos are the most hands free? I have always struggled with downward dog, plank, etc due to my wrist injuries

Darlene Jacobs
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Responses (2)
Sweet Demise29 points
June 26

Hello Darlene Jacobs - Attached is a video on Wrist Theraputics by Siri Peterson Cavanna. Once you've given your wrists enough time to recover, and you have the clear from your doctor, you can try this to condition & strengthen you wrists :-)

Thumbnail image for Wrist Therapeutics
Sami Oliva14 points
June 10

Hi Darlene Jacobs,
Here are three great videos that focus on different parts of your body, they're all mainly hands free. Looking for videos that are for specifically other parts of the body is good place to start for videos that avoid wrist specific poses. Hope this helps!

Thumbnail image for Yoga For Leg Strength
Thumbnail image for Hip Opening
Hip OpeningSonia Doubell
1000+ I Did This
Thumbnail image for New Power: Yoga Butt

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