10 French Recipes with Milk

Drew Glover • March 17, 2015
At the center of fine dining, French cuisine is known for its beautiful preparation and presentation. If you're looking to impress your loved one or guests, the sophisticated French approach to cooking will set the mood.Pear & Almond Tart by Michel Roux Jr.
1. Cinnamon-Poached Pear & Sweet Almond Tart
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Welcome to Michel Roux's Easy French Cooking, where he will teach you some of his favorite traditional French dishes. This delicious French dessert is packed with the flavor of cinnamon and vanilla, sweet almond cream, and a hint of rum. Join our Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux in this Grokker Premium video, and learn the secrets to making a lovely, crunchy, delicate sweet pastry with perfectly cooked pears.
2. French Pot Roast Chicken with Mustard Sauce
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Welcome to Michel Roux's Easy French Cooking, where he will teach you some of his favorite traditional French dishes. In this Grokker Premium video, Michelin-starred Chef Michel Roux will show you how to roast a golden brown and juicy chicken and walk you through every step for creating a depth of flavor in the rich, indulgent creamy mustard sauce of Poulet Dijonnaise.
3. Vibrant Vegetarian Spinach Soufflé with Parmesan Cheese
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Welcome to Michel Roux's Easy French Cooking, where he will teach you some of his favorite traditional French dishes. Learn Michel Roux's tips for a soufflé that is light as a feather and full of flavor, with a crunchy outside and a rich, gooey center. Join our Michelin-starred chef in this Grokker Premium video, and learn how to make a vibrant spinach soufflé that practically floats!
4. Chocolate and Vanilla Cream Pots
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Welcome to Michel Roux's Easy French Cooking, where he will teach you some of his favourite traditional French dishes. These perfect little chocolate and vanilla cream pots are rich, creamy, and incredibly decadent, and topping them with freshly whipped chantilly cream, makes these deserts truly indulgent. So join two Michelin starred chef Michel Roux in this Grokker Premium video, and learn the secrets to great French cooking at home.
5. Cherry Galette
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Why am I calling this a cherry folditup, and not a cherry galette, its correct culinary name? Because one sounds like something that's easy to make, and one doesn't. This is very simple and easy to make with delicious cherry!
6. How to make cheese souffle
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Just the word 'souffle' is enough to scare some home cooks - indeed, many of us think of souffles as difficult dishes best left to French-trained chefs. But the truth is that souffles are quite easy to master, and this video shows you how! This cheese souffle recipe is as authentic as they come and calls for just a handful of simple ingredients. Comte cheese is used here, but you could easily use your favourite cheese - such as Cheddar, Gruyere, Emmental or even Red Leicester. The key to a beautifully risen souffle is to whip your egg whites to stiff peaks, either by hand or with an electric whisk, and to gently fold the whites into the bechamel mixture using a metal utensil. Folding the two mixtures together gently ensures that you keep the air in the mixture. Secondly, as with most baking, resist temptation to open the oven door whilst the souffle is baking. The change in temperature that results can drastically affect the outcome, and not in a good way! Keep your oven light on so that you can check your souffle's progress without opening the oven door. Once your souffle is beautifully golden and risen, you'll want to serve it straightaway. As they say, a souffle waits for no one!
7. French Onion Green Bean Casserole
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If someone calls your green bean casserole “soupy,” it’s usually not a compliment. Here though, it’s completely appropriate. I wanted to rework the iconic Thanksgiving side dish, and wondered what would happen if I brought in some of the tastes and textures that make French onion soup such a favorite.
8. Lobster Bisque
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French Lobster Bisque made easy by Michelin Award Winning Chef Roland Passot. Learn why female lobsters are better than males, and how to tell them apart. This Grokker premium video has all you need to show you how to make the perfect velvety bisque. So grab your lobster, cayenne pepper, a little bit of brandy, and cream, and join Chef and Owner of La Folie, Roland Passot as he shares his recipe for Lobster Bisque.
9. Gougères (Cheese Puffs)
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These hot and crispy cheese-filled pastry puffs are a must for your next cocktail party. Chef Roland Passot, Owner of La Folie Restaurant in San Francisco and his Chef De Cuisine, Michael Hung, show you how to prepare this typical French finger food. Paired with wine these savory nibbles will have you hooked but be forewarned, you won't be able to stop at just one! For more, see Chef Roland's Profile page where you'll find all his Grokker Premium videos on French Cuisine.
10. Lobster Croque Monsieur
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Lobster, bacon, and truffle oil combine to create this French version of a grilled cheese sandwich. Served hot on buttery brioche and smothered in Mornay Sauce, this elegant and impressive sandwich can be whipped up in minutes. For more of Chef Roland Passot's Grokker Premium videos, please check out his Profile page.
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