4 Italian Recipes with Chicken

Drew Glover • March 17, 2015
Did you know that Italian pasta varieties all originated in different villages in medieval Italy? Through the ages Italians have retained a sense of localism in their dishes that is all about food fresh out of the earth, off the tree, and from the farm.Modern Pork Ragu by Josh Posner
1. Modern Pork Ragu
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A modern take on an Italian classic with his recipe for Pork Ragu with bitter chicory leaves and fresh oregano in this Grokker Premium video of Chef Josh Posner. This easy meal can be served with pasta or on its own, and the slow cooked meat is a great way to use parsley stalks. Chef Josh serves up his dish with chicory (endive), lemon zest, and fresh oregano leaves for a delicate and aromatic plate.
2. Italian Feast Menu: Family Recipe Ideas
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Foodie paradise! 1.) Vodka Grapefruit Fizz - 2:22 2.) Antipasto Skewers - 4:38 3.) Parmesan Breaded Chicken With Tomato, Basil Topping - 7:28 4.) Lemon Feta Orzo - 12:13 5.) Roasted Rosemary Veggies - 14:27 6) Espresso Sundaes - 17:53 7) Pre-Party Prep (The Game Plan) - 20:58 If you're looking to throw an Italian themed dinner party for your friends, this is the menu for you! and if you have kids coming over, no more preparing 2 separate meals for the parents and kids. Each of these dishes can be adjusted slightly so that the kids will eat them too. This family friendly Italian feast is easy to prepare and bursting with vibrant colors and fresh flavors. Enjoy!
3. North African Feat Part 3: Spiced Chicken Legs (Roasted)
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This week we're heading to North Africa for the flavors inspired by Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. We've planned a menu just for you from the appetizer all the way down to the dessert! This week we're throwing a ""progressive meal"". So check back each day this week to get the next course of the menu.
4. Chicken Piccata
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Chef Jason Hill makes Chicken piccata with capers. Serve this easy lemon chicken piccata with pasta such as fettucine for the ultimate weeknight meal. The chicken piccata sauce gets its piquant flavor from Meyer lemons and capers. To spruce it up even more, consider adding sauteed mushrooms and steamed artichoke hearts.
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