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Fran Philip, Level 3
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Fran PhilipMovement SpecialistPersonal MissionAt all stages of our lives we strive to be flexible, stable, strong and powerful my aim is to find ways that make this possible for all those who work with me.Unique SpecialtyBeing able to teach a large class with varying levels of physical abilities to gain better knowledge of the students' bodies, minds and spirit.Other PassionsFurther education has been a passion, the more I know, the more I know I don't know. There is so much to learn and when it comes to Anatomy I am a total geek!Website
Fran Philip is a group exercise instructor, personal trainer and Pilates instructor with 15 years of experience based in the Bay Area, CA. After a career in high tech, Fran Philip decided to follow her love of fitness to a second career as a trainer. She is the owner of Menlo Pilates & Yoga in Menlo Park CA. For a decade, she has brought her enthusiasm and experience into the lives of those who dare to imagine that their bodies could change and reach their full potential. Fran strongly believes that technical skill is only part of a good training experience. Imagination, communication, and genuine interest in the people in the class are among the key ingredients to a successful program, whether the student is a beginner or a professional trainer themselves. Fran creates a unique learning experience that brings something new to each attendee, whether the subject is Pilates, Group fitness or Franklin Method instruction. With Fran, you'll find inspiration, excitement, a great sense of humor and a workout that will challenge your mind and push your boundaries! READ FULL BIO
PhysicalMind Pilates Instructor
Franklin Method Level Instructor
American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor
YMCA Pilates Faculty
Usui Shiki Ryoko (USUI) Reiki Master