June 25

I suffer from meniere's disease, it causes vertigo, trying to find a routine that will not trigger it. I even have a issue with riding bikes the motion cause it. Any suggestions?

Scott Brownell, Level 7
Scott Brownell
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tlc tlc, Level 58
tlc tlc52 points
July 11

Hi - Please consult a medical doctor for suggestions. Jen Hilman's four beginner yoga videos are paced slowly enough that maybe they might stave off vertigo. Best wishes!
Yoga for Beginners with Siri Peterson Cavanna https://grokker.com/yoga/beginners/program/yoga-for-beginners-with-siri-peterson-cavanna/56c4cb8555ebe0d0080df682
Flow Yoga Beginner-Intermediate https://grokker.com/yoga/collection/flow-yoga-beginner-intermediate/60ce43f84cb7214269a7ea13

tlc tlc, Level 58
tlc tlc52 points
tlc tlc, Level 58
tlc tlc52 points

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