Daniella Cotreau
Daniella Cotreau, Level 9
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Daniella CotreauPersonal MissionHer mission is to teach people how to cultivate a connection to their Heart, their body’s innate intelligence and their intuitive power.Unique SpecialtyDetailed Alignment, Heart-Opening, Self-Reflective Invocations, Bhakti Yoga, Handstands, merging the physical with the spiritual.Other PassionsAstrology, psychology, ecstatic dance, chanting, essential oils, radiant health, nature, travel.Websitehttp://www.bodytempleyoga.com/
Daniella Cotreau is the founder of Body Temple Yoga School and Body Temple Yoga™. She navigates from a passionate clarity that sees the Body as a Temple not only for personal growth, healing, evolution, and a connection to the divine but also a place to connect to and live from our Hearts, Intuition and inner guidance. She leads Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Trainings, Sound Healing workshops, Yoga Retreats and Month Long YTT Intensives, all nationally and internationally. She is an Ambassador for Manduka and supports Odanadi, an organization against human trafficking of women and young girls in The US, India, The Netherlands, The UK. She is based in Los Gatos, California and has been teaching for over a decade.READ FULL BIO
Founder of Body Temple Yoga™ School
Creator of Body Temple Yoga™
Yoga Alliance ERYT-500 2003
Former Anusara-Inspired Yoga Instructor
Graduate of Mount Madonna Ashram
Ambassador for Manduka


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