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"I Am" Meditation - Fearless Heart

Daniella Cotreau, Level 9
Daniella Cotreau
Transform the minds tendency for negative thought. Throughout this series, enrich yourself on the journey toward a Fearless Heart. The mind's tendency to get caught in cyclical patterns is an indication of our powerful mental strength, but when untrained, these mental faculties can lead us into harmful, stress - inducing mind states. In this video, you will use the support of mala beads to interrupt these complex patterns and return the mind to healthy affirmations and a positive outlook. Follow Grokker Yoga Expert Daniella Cotreau through this transformative, self affirming meditation in this Grokker Premium video.


You will need mala beads for this meditation. Find a quiet place to sit or lay down. You may want to use a bolster or meditation cushion to prop yourself up on. Make sure you are comfortable for this meditation.

"I Am" Meditation
It's time to do something good for yourself
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