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Catherine Wikholm, Level 6
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Catherine WikholmClinical Psychologist, Author, and Speaker Personal MissionTo help others to overcome difficulties and achieve an improved sense of wellbeing. Unique SpecialtyMaking sense of the complex.Other PassionsMusic, travel, and spending time with my baby son. Website
Dr. Catherine Wikholm is a Clinical Psychologist based in London. She completed her first degree at St Peter’s College, Oxford University, before going on to do further postgraduate training, including a Masters in Forensic Psychology. Dr. Catherine is employed by the National Health Service (NHS) and also works in private practice, where she sees both children and adults for psychological therapy. Catherine promotes an evidence-based, individualised approach to addressing psychological difficulties. She is passionate about helping others to develop their self-understanding and achieve good mental health. She is the co-author of The Buddha Pill: Can Meditation Change You? READ FULL BIO
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Simple Stress Management
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Let It Go: 21 Day Stress Relief
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Sleep Smarter
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Breaking Free from Stress
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Beyond Burnout
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The Next Normal
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Simple Self-Care
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Your Mental Self-Care Toolkit
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Clinical Psychologist with the Health Care and Professions Council (HCPC) Graduate of St Peter’s College, Oxford University