Strength Videos

You’ve probably never wanted to cry as much as you do when you’re engaged in yoga poses. But keep at it and over time you will build muscle and get stronger by the day. Strength training which is an essential part of physical conditioning can keep your joints and ligaments healthy and reduce the risk of broken bones or osteoporosis. In an article published by the New York Times, it was noted that when yoga was practiced for a significant period of time, the subjects were considerably stronger than before they started the experiment. Practicing yoga regularly, which involves the use of bodyweight bearing poses, will not only help you build all all round body strength but also increase your flexibility. When coupled with a jogging or gym regimen, yoga can be incredibly effective at building up strength in the upper and lower parts of the body.


Thumbnail image for Let it Go Yoga Flow
Julie Montagu, Level 16
Thumbnail image for Easy Everyday Flow
Julie Montagu, Level 16
Thumbnail image for Flexibility Flow
Julie Montagu, Level 16
Thumbnail image for Feel Good Flow
Julie Montagu, Level 16
Thumbnail image for Beginner’s Flow
Julie Montagu, Level 16
Thumbnail image for Yoga for Weight Loss
Julie Montagu, Level 16
Thumbnail image for Total Body Reboot
Laura Burkhart, Level 9
Thumbnail image for Lower Body Vinyasa
Laura Burkhart, Level 9
Thumbnail image for Yoga Dance Party
Emilie Perz, Level 7
Thumbnail image for Interval Vinyasa
Emilie Perz, Level 7
Thumbnail image for Lean & Limber Vinyasa
Emilie Perz, Level 7
Thumbnail image for Full Body Flow
Emily-Clare  Hill, Level 3
Thumbnail image for Yoga + Barre Sculpt
Brett Larkin, Level 5