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Witness Meditation - Fearless Heart

Daniella Cotreau, Level 9
Daniella Cotreau
The unlimited potential of the mind in an open state of presence unleashes us from the clutter of our own mental dialogue, and holds us in an un-restricting center. This is the source of deep, unwavering happiness. In this video, Grokker Yoga Expert Daniella Cotreau will take you into a state of mental and emotional freedom. Become a master of your own mind in this Grokker Premium video designed for all levels of students.


Find a quiet place to sit or lay down. You might want a bolster or meditation cushion to prop yourself up on. Make sure you are comfortable and able to relax.

Witness Meditation
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On-demand videos, on your time
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Learn from the experts
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1000s of premium produced and curated videos