10 Desserts Recipes for a Broken Heart

Drew Glover • March 24, 2015
Cakes, pies, cookies, and more satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious recipes from chefs around the world!Dark Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding
1. Valentine's Day Chocolate Mousse
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Melissa Clark shows how to make a chocolate mousse for Valentine's Day that doesn't use cream or butter.
2. Christmas Panettone Pudding Recipe
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We've substituted summer berries for winter fruits and Christmassy spices to make a seasonal version of our awesome summer pudding. We also switched bread out for sweet panettone for an extra special Italian treat!
3. For Holidays or Anytime: Chocolate Pecan Pie
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Chocolate Pecan Pie so extraordinarily sumptuous they'll be begging for thirds. Filled with luscious pecans, maple syrup and chocolate, it's no wonder this recipe is one of San Francisco based Pastry Chef Emily Lucchetti's all time favorites. Watch all of the Grokker Premium videos in the Thanksgiving collection.
4. Fudgy Salted Caramel Shortcake Shots
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Enjoy these delicious chocolate shortcakes made using Original Bisquick® mix topped with caramel topping – perfect dessert for a crowd.
5. Chocolate Fudge Cookies
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Chocolate Fudge Cookies, also called Chocolate Rads, are hard to describe as they seem to be a cross between a chocolate cookie and a chocolate torte. They are instantly recognizable by their shiny and cracked bumpy surface. When you break one open, you will find that the inside is wonderfully soft and fudgy with an intense chocolate flavor. The chocolate flavor comes from adding a whooping one pound (450 grams) of melted dark chocolate to the batter. The chocolate lover is in for a real treat with this cookie.
6. How To Make Fudge
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A simple and easy guide on how to make rich and smooth fudge.
7. Awesome Peanut Butter And Jelly Cookie
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Peanut butter and jelly has been an American favourite for decades. We've taken it out of the sandwich and bunged it into a cookie, resulting in a fantastic sweet treat for seasoned pb&j eaters and newcomers alike.
8. Sweet Chocolate Cookies
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Learn how to make Chocolate Cookies. This recipe combines the subtle flavor of Dutch-processed cocoa powder with sweet white chocolate chips.
9. Gluten Free Donuts
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Here's my FAVORITE gluten free recipe, it's super yummy and easy! Hope you like it! :D
10. Plum and Mascarpone Tart
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Try this wonderful and flavorful Plum and Mascarpone Tart that can be served for dessert.
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